When the Internet goes through Wrong Hands

John Atkinson has the best Wrong Hands ever appeared in the World Wide Web.

We are so lucky to have people like John who help us appease the angst of this world always on fire.

His strips are always brilliant and so enticing. His uncommon talent utters outstandingly both in drawings and words.

Here’s a train of illustrations from his vast collection, which cunningly confront our rapport with the Internet. As you can see, his work shows notable critical ability.


instagram twitter blogging sitemap outernet vintage social networking your place

And finally…

rock n roll neighborhood

Gee… Now, want you please tell me why this picture in this post? Yes, it’s gorgeous, but this has nothing to do with the subject!!

Er… So sorry but, huh, we’re so fond of Rock’n’Roll, y’ know, huh…

Check John Atkinson’s work at wronghands1.com, click to go


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