Fair Trade

Trade Fair & Save the World

Fair Trade

Ever thought Fair Trade could be of any help? Huh! To whom?

You fairly having good and noble feelings!

If so, trade fairly and save the world, you good people!

What does foul the air more than thousands of cesspits?

Petty bourgeois well-meaning wrecks. Come and rescue this world on fire.

The poor mugs cannot realize that not a single drop of economy has ever leaked to this world without exploitation and extortion. No matter how fair you try to make your trade, it cannot but come out of abuse and oppression. The mother of all profits!

What? Fair Trade is not for profit? Ha, ha, ha… Hilarious.

Don’t you know we live in the age of total dominion and there is no such thing as places free from the grasp of Capital?

Are you tuned in to this world?

Wait! I see your point. You think that there is the bad way, or the greedy way, and the good way to Capitalism. Boy! This makes you sound naïve, my oh my.

Maybe you failed to understand that the social reality wraps and chokes everything!

Yep, my, you are part of that “everything!”

There are those who think there is no difference among the exploited, and those who have a preference for the ones from the undeveloped countries. Mysteries of the dominated world.

Image credit: Sebastiano Isaia


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