To the Petty Bourgeois Syndicate


Every nation fights to secure the best part of the world wealth. Patriotism is the venom injected by the ruling classes into the subjugated. If you look at history, you realize that it has no feelings for individuals just as nature has no worries for living species. If you wish to change things, then you have to consider rebuilding this society without social classes, boundaries, and power.

All the chattering about corruption, robbery, nepotism and you name it, that overruns the web and all the media nowadays is but bullshit. It is but petty bourgeois crap worthy of petty bourgeois minds.

Nothing will ever change so long as the social status quo remains unaltered.

Go beyond the inhumane limits imposed by the current unsustainable production system and social dominion to found the Free Human Community.

This is the only revolution to liberate humankind from the yoke of Capitalism, not those silly attempts at taming the Beast, as the Beast cannot be tamed. And do not blame your impotence on lobbies or conspiracies, as they exist only within the sick recesses of the sickest minds.

But it is useless to cherish vain hopes, the petty bourgeois mindset can’t rise above the roughest Jacobinism.


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