The Leviathan

I was having a pleasant discussion with some friends today, and once again I found how much confusion hovers about. Yeah, so much confusion, and even a hint of conspiracy, I daresay. Ha, ha…

Let me put it like this, there is an indefinable sense of mystery in the air… Yet, I don’t want to speak about the misinterpretation of the reality—to say the very least—these guys who are affected by the illness of conspiracy theories suffer from.

Let’s come to the point.

In my juvenile writings I used to refer to the State as the Leviathan. Huh, what’s the big deal? You would correctly say. That was said and done by Thomas Hobbes during the English Civil War 1642-1651, a major work in which the English philosopher pointed out that the Government, by means of the Authority of the State, watches over peace and order recurring its absolute powers. Hobbes, in fact, compared the power of the State to that of the biblical sea monster gifted with unimaginable force, as mentioned in the Old Testament. Hobbes meant that we, the individuals, renounced our freedom and gave it to the State, so that it may assure peace and order. The authority by the State, thus, would be the sum of the individuals’ liberty, that each of us has delegated to it, and then the State gives us back the right of exercising our freedom under the limitations itself imposes to guarantee peace and order. Feels like a vicious circle, and it is. I agree with Hobbes, the State, the Leviathan, is always absolute, talk about democracy!

However, contrary to good old Hobbes, when I call Leviathan the State, I am not recognizing any good in it, I am just referring to its monstrous brutality, and how it is ready to crush everybody, no matter whom.

The Monster: so the Leviathan is made to serve the social relationships of dominion in society, and particularly for it to be served. It swallows up mainly the poor, the workers, and those who are in need, yes, because they are located on the side of the underprivileged in the social game, but it engulfs also the rich and the powerful, if this suits its own stability. Many powerful people think they are safe, and they are, at least until they are in line with its diktats, but as soon as they fail, the Leviathan opens its jaws, and… and say Bye bye, Mr. Powerful… Hey, bid the last farewell to your golden world Mrs. Mighty.

The State: so the Country, is an organization to exploit people and resources, in continuous competition with all the other countries, that must keep a strict surveillance over its citizens, that must regulate this and that, that favors people’s division into social classes, that protects and serves vested interests, that—like a skilled liar—disguises its decisions with the mask of the people’s will, because it ought to realize the common good—ooh how bad my belly aches when I hear that crap—no country for human beings, we could say, paraphrasing the title of a movie.

Therefore my dears, don’t be confused, the Leviathan, either run by conservatives or progressives, socialists or liberalists, remains a monster, hungry for capital and hegemony, and it doesn’t take any humanity into account, as it doesn’t take “NO” for an answer when it asks for your sacrifice.

So why should you be happy and excited when you see the sun setting on the domain of the powerful? Will this break your chains? Will the sun set on the Leviathan’s empire? Not bloody likely!!

Rather than wishing to see the stars douse in the powerful people’s realms, we should long for the only star that we lack to raise soon, the humans, which we need so badly.

And you, ruling classes and bourgeois, allow for a moment to think that if one day the working class and the masses manage to set themselves free, they will release all of Mankind by the inhuman chains of the Leviathan, which means, you will not run the risk of being engulfed by its jaws any longer. Does this suit you?

Ah, the Leviathan, it feeds itself with legality, with ethics, with high principles, with rights. It makes people rejoice with justice when a rich crook is sent to lockup.

Well, once again, lest you forget, a Free Human Community knows no leadership, no money, no market, no commodities, no politics, no social classes, no institutions to guide and bend consciences, and of course, no State!! As always, the problem is not in Man (not-yet Man) the problem is in the system, that can’t be reformed, but can be overcome.

Catch the powerful and send them to jail

Give men principles and see them fail

Grow ‘em into beasts and cut their tail

Kill their dreams, allow no bail

Feed ‘em with bread that’s already stale

Put them to bed with one more tale

Make believe they’ll remove the veil

Let them hang on tooth and nail

Stuffed with wars and crushed by the gale

They’ll feel themselves stronger and hale

Until freedom escapes and the scope is pale

For a burning land, the prize is the swale

The blind sovereign has baffled the trail

Awash in the gloom, drags on the wail

Although you impose, inflict, and entail

Indignation will never the power curtail

Dig the ground and the Humans unveil

Look at their sores, how deep is their wale

One day a new sea we will glide and sail

That day we’ll un-cry all the tears in this vale

by Bob Mazzei, previously published on Medium on June 6 2014. You are welcome to re-post and share by mentioning the source (author Bob Mazzei, link to


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