One of the most misinterpreted brains in history.

He was not determinist but his theory came to pass as one of the bulwarks of determinism. It is definitely clear that when he described the world of Capitalism he pointed out to its tendencies, not deterministic laws.

He spent hours upon hours during his lifetime fighting over those who supported Statism and he then was appointed as one of the fathers of the State intervention in economy.

He dreamed of a world free from social power, where individuals could fulfill their aspirations and be finally at liberty, but eventually they charged him with the horrors of communism. As if monsters like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and many others, derived their reign of terror from his principles. He who was against dogmas and blind obedience was thought a champion of totalitarianism.

Who among you could ever dare blame the Inquisition on Jesus? Wouldn’t that sound historically and dialectically wrong?

Yet, his followers, more than anybody else, have distorted and altered the meaning of his views; so they are to blame for such frustrating misinterpretation even more than his detractors.

He left us with the most profound and complete theory of society and social dynamics. One unparalleled until today. His analysis of the processes involved in the capitalist production is so punctual and deep that it cannot but help us change the way we look at the world.

If anyone ever marked out a course for us to get rid of this overwhelming social power, that one was Karl Marx.

Karl Marx

Image credit: Sebastiano Isaia


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