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Make America Grate Again and Again

Let’s Make America Grate Again. Ban Pre-shredded Cheese!! Committee for the American Grandeur C’mon, stop bitching about ‘Merican Imperialism and don’t be hypocrite! Each and every country fights for supremacy.…

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Don’t Blame it on the Robots

The Worker’s Robot’s Rights Movement All Robots, no matter the shape, the functions, the features, the origin, the operating system, and you name it, are created equal! We claim 4…

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When the Internet goes through Wrong Hands

John Atkinson has the best Wrong Hands ever appeared in the World Wide Web. We are so lucky to have people like John who help us appease the angst of…

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Add me to the mosaic

Get me a bit of toothpaste and I’ll be more than happy to enter your vending machine. —The ordinary worker, sadly submitted to fate Illustrations thanks to the genius of…

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When getting colder, burn more paper

Khalid Albaih. Sudanese artist and political cartoonist. He was born in Romania and lives in Doha, Qatar. Meet Khalid on Facebook  Twitter  Cartoon Movement