Big Announcement

Big announcement!

This day April 1, 2018, Passover has finally become true!

Capitalism has capitulated!

After a lot of insistence, it gave in.

Workers, unemployed, all the productive forces and the subjugated of this solitary planet, [so lonely, yeah, so lonely] have taken over!

A big thank you to all the means of labor: tools, machinery, land, infrastructure, and the like, which cooperated with the dominated for the success of this compulsory and long sought-after undertaking.

Besides, we want to show appreciation and express our deep gratitude to our friends the Robots. Unfairly dishonored by the poor petty-bourgeois mindset. They fought heroically, bravely facing the forces of Capital, in the fierce fight for liberation. Be You, exploited tools of Capital, remembered and honored for ever and ever.

The Free Human Community can start now. It will probably imply some fix before it works like the way it’s meant to be, yet, there we go!

From now on, we won’t need any politics, market, money, government, political economy, social power in any way.

And so, just for you people to understand, we ain’t gonna need no politicians, queens, kings, CEOs, businesses, secret services, armies, deceivers, greedy people, banks, Wall Street [I’ll miss it very much so!], activists, marketers, spammers, gurus, crypto-currencies, crappy movies, crappy music, crappy books, crappy websites…

Oh, no! We’re gonna close!

Bourgeois ethics, politically correct set of rules, privacy policies, religions…

Wow! No religion too?

Yeah, but do not interrupt with such stupid questions. And it’s plagiarism, too!

Thanksgiving Day —this was agreed with the Turkeys’ Union as they helped us in this historic mission— fanatical extremists, shitty web hosting services…

That’s great! Tons of traffic and the website still loads.


The Eiffel Tower…

Oh, will it be razed to the ground?

Hell, no! But I lose the thread if you keep interrupting me!!

Mobsters, mongers, wankers, buskers (the most skilled will be all Rock Stars), incomprehensible sports, meaningless services and products…

And again, taskmasters, shooters, robbers, feeders [Have I my pillow left unpressed in Rome to be abused by one that looks feeders??]…


Yeah, and the Rolling Stones will finally retire

However, in return we will be able to use Facebook to post all the crap we want

More than we do?

Sure! More. And all fake news is welcome!

We ain’t gonna need no SEO…

Yup! Everybody will rank Google #1 page!


Ouch… Forget it!

Moreover, we will be on first name terms with the Queen, “Hey, Betty Windsor, how are you? How’s your week been?” and of course with all of the other powerful people, who are no more powerful.

—Including Kim Jon-ung?

You bet!

And now, hurry up please. Lot of work to do!



World Committee for April Fools’ Day!


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