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Social Power Paves the Way for The Age of Total Dominion

Social power means people control. When it becomes oppressive it paves the way for the age of total dominion. Punkia is a blog about humor, amusing stuff and social insights.…

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Meet Oraculous Monkey, a new author at Punkia!

A new author debuts at Punkia. He is Oraculous Monkey, aka O’ Monkey. Like every monkey, he meddles with almost everything he stumbles upon. He is responsible for the column…

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There is always hope, as long as workforce is at your disposal.

Ah, don’t be denied. Don’t be sad my friend. We all know you are worried over the economical situation. What are they going to do? Who are going to save…

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One of the most misinterpreted brains in history.

He was not determinist but his theory came to pass as one of the bulwarks of determinism. It is definitely clear that when he described the world of Capitalism he…

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Make America Grate Again and Again

Let’s Make America Grate Again. Ban Pre-shredded Cheese!! Committee for the American Grandeur C’mon, stop bitching about ‘Merican Imperialism and don’t be hypocrite! Each and every country fights for supremacy.…

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Don’t Blame it on the Robots

The Worker’s Robot’s Rights Movement All Robots, no matter the shape, the functions, the features, the origin, the operating system, and you name it, are created equal! We claim 4…

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To the Petty Bourgeois Syndicate

Every nation fights to secure the best part of the world wealth. Patriotism is the venom injected by the ruling classes into the subjugated. If you look at history, you…

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Enjoy the Colors of Health & Wellbeing

Colors mean health, Yeah, we are very interested in your health. The more you live the more you consume. Isn’t that marvelous? Won’t you fight heart attacks, cancer, and the…

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Let the river flow

The tool does not kill us, what determines our miserable society and rules does!