This story began at Broadway in the late 1970s.

The mythology of social power revamps itself in view of new needs.


Myths are so powerful. They command respect and arouse fear. They are overawing.

Circus and theater accomplish similar functions. Mathematical analysis of our times, you know. Limits, differentiation, integration, measure, infinite series, stuff like that.

What more than an angel gets you through to the breath of life?


Angels, the messengers par excellence. Sublime spirits made of impalpable matter unknown to ordinary mortals. Gifted with lofty intelligence, they live at lofty heights.

What a bright idea! Guardians of our sinful existence, our filthy thoughts they turn into silent submission.

Sublime heralds of love!


Yes, we live in a fantastic era of countless opportunities.

Brand new legends is all we need.

Hell, we created Gods and Heavens. As time goes on, we reshape them accordingly.


Mmmmh… Hamlet hums… “Can we really decide things? We change along with reality but who changes reality?”

Angels can never be questioned.

They are the servants of God who specialize in delivery service, they carry a message they don’t own.

Yes, some of them revolted to found their own delivery company focused on stratagems, dodges and tricks usually called EVIL, and that’s why we have Angels & Demons. Yet, this is another piece of the story, it does not fit in here.

These angels of our times, these seraphic spirits, live among us and are here to help and assist. They work profusely for the benefit of many. The Creator of everything invests them with high responsibilities.

Invested angels, capitalized angels, participated angels, devoted angels, financed angels, endowed angels. Oh no, no, they are Angel Investors.

They are a blessed family with so many lackeys and flunkies ready to do anything.

They are prodigal with gifts.


The holy family of investors prides including docile and benevolent splendid beings. Characterized by noble spirit, they devote themselves to provide Capital for your start-up. They simply ask for convertible debt or ownership equity, which is more than fair and definitely sacrosanct, no doubt!

These angel funders put at risk a [very small] part of their Holy Capital allowing you to thrive and enter the Holy Family of the Blessed ones.



However, they are not God; they are but messengers. Hence, if you do not succeed the scourge of God himself will be ruthless with you. How come you petty turd did fail? You were given the power of grace, the mightiest image of command, the weapon that destroys and recreates everything. The seal of God.

Didn’t you recognize its charging potential? Didn’t you pray and worship enough?

Trouble does not explain what you are expected.



As a final point, we cannot but disclose our grimy and sinful soul.

Oh my, we are a bunch of sacrilegious guys, and have no respect for His Holiness Das Kapital. So, we came up with a new concept, ANGELSHIT, which you may use as a synonym of:

Holy crap


Oh, sugar, etc.

Every time you find yourself in critical circumstances, or you see the world go down the drain, ANGELSHIT is the right interjection.

Reminder. After use, please, put it back in its proper place.


The more a society seems permissive the more it excretes angel shit [ANGELSHIT].

Darn! The petty bourgeois ethics is the thicker layer of the ideological fabric.


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