[un]Privileged Under No Kingdom In Abashment  —No, the word Punkia means nothing and has nothing to do with Punk.

What happens if you pronounced  /pʌŋkiɑ/

Trump will be re-elected. Then, he and Kim Jong-un [aka Fatty Pig] will join and grip the entire world under the Kapital-Kommunist rule. Chemtrails will cover the sky for the next 2,000 years. Bin Laden (Bin Laden? Wasn’t he dead?) will reveal the backstage political intrigues about 9/11(shake with fear George W!)… further details coming soon!!


Freedom smiles but we have no eyes!


Venomously sharp and politically incorrect for those who want to learn amazing things and have fun!!

In short

Trying to have some fun and be fun, insightful and propose exciting stuff, without omitting to break in with deserving bitch-slap, and why not, even marvel, in the time of total dominion!! No easy task, damn!!

The mid-long version

The world is improving in science and technology day by day. We have resources, means, knowledge, and everything to make everybody happy and live a decorous life. Everybody means every single person in this planet, no one excluded!

It seems that we can finally gain our freedom—and Freedom waves at us, indeed!—but then we are unable to get rid of the oppressive social power that crushes us all.

Class-divided society can only create inequality, discontent, terror, and terrible inhuman conditions.

The social regime that characterizes our epoch is totalitarian and despotic. Inveterate in the system of production that produces all social wealth everywhere it cannot but be absolute. It embraces the whole world and leaves no room for being genuinely humans. Human beings exist only as a taxonomic distinction. The human spirit is denied, as aspirations, desires, freedom and happiness are but a miserable deceit.

Religions do not help the progress of human spirit. Instead of humanizing Man, they create myths, transcend Man as such, and render great service to the ruling classes. Neither has the artifice of democracy enhanced our lives. Yes, we prefer our countries of the so-called democratic world rather than those one-party/one-man dictatorial regimes—They are but another bourgeois way of governing society, incidentally. However, no bourgeois democracy under the iron rule of profit will ever set us free.

This does not happen because of greed or wickedness. This happens because the rules of production and social dominion escape and exceed any human control. Persecutors and victims are kept imprisoned by the same inhuman force, certainly created by us, the humans, but revealed extremely uncontrollable.

Social consciousness rules over individuals. No way!

Yes, there will be no freedom, no decorous life, and no happiness as long as we are dominated.

The long story (and more technical though)

The entire world is under the grasp of the Great Master, one that knows no humanity, no sympathy, and no shame: Its Majesty the Capital. Capitalism is the absolute monarchy of our time, and reality is its phenomenology. What is money, indeed, but a social relationship of dominion?

All the social wealth is produced by the dominated classes for the benefit of Capital accumulation and profit. Individuals, not even the richest, are free to choose under the totalitarian control exerted by Capital.

The iron law of profit is schematized by the holy mathematical liturgy that recites, “Surplus Labor → Surplus Product → Surplus Value ⇒ Profit”. It is a consequential formula; no one is permitted to change the order.

Salaried labor, the spring and the stronghold of Capitalism itself, contains also its contradiction, OCC = CC/VC, or where the Capitalist engine gets clogged. (CC: Constant Capital; VC: Variable Capital; OCC: Organic Composition of Capital).

Some may remember that roughly a century and a half ago, a bearded German man—sometimes thought as a real pain in the ass— strove about over twenty years speculating about its impact on the social structure. In reality, that man wanted to make clear to everybody that there is no salvation when the device gets clogged. The more labor it takes to build a product, the more it is worth. The price per se—expressed in whatever currency—has no direct relationship; at every moment we can see that products are sold above or below their value, can’t we?

If we quit looking at the wrong side, we realize that in a capitalist economy the creative moment is the industrial process, which includes any activity that produces fresh (social) wealth. Through the organic composition of capital (OCC) the system is able to capitalize (to produce value and accumulate Capital). Every industry, or economic activity, that creates services and/or goods, invests part of its capital in machinery, supplies, premises [the so called Constant Capital (CC)]—and then a part to pay living labor provided by humans [the so called Variable Capital (VC)]—. The ratio of CC to VC determines the OCC, namely the Organic Composition of Capital invested in the making process: OCC = CC/VC. In few words, the Organic Composition of Capital is the ratio of the value of the materials and fixed costs (Constant Capital) embodied in production of a commodity to the value of the labor-power (Variable Capital) used in making it.

As you can see, this production system of ours—which is employed everywhere although under different political schemes—bases itself on exploitation and extortion. It can’t produce wealth [for the few and desperation for the majority] otherwise!

Remember, the chain of profit, indeed, is, Surplus Labor→Surplus Product→Surplus Value→ Profit.

No use in persisting, Capitalism can’t work!

While there is an inevitably rises of OCC over time, there is a tendency of the rate of profit to fall.

When workers produce twice as much and therefore they turn over twice as much material in the same time, this reduces the cost per product but also reduces the proportion of wages in the total value of the product. Likewise, if an expensive device is introduced to replace cost of labor, the same effect is achieved. Incidentally, mechanization is not the enemy of the working class. Robots do not send notices of dismissal, Capital does!

Although the tendency of the rate of profit to fall is not directly a source of crisis—it may represent, in fact, a slower enrichment of the richest classes—it surely becomes a source of crisis because profit is the source of regeneration of the forces of production, which operate on a larger and larger scale, requiring investment on an ever increasing scale. The source of Surplus Value is, and cannot be other than, living labor. However, profit is also the source of income for the emerging middle class, and combined with the overproduction of capital as a result of the credit system, a falling rate of profit generates intense crisis in the ranks of the capitalists themselves. The falling rate of profit also intensifies the class struggle as capitalists try to resolve their problem by pushing wages below the poverty line or speeding up production to unsustainable levels.

The falling rate of profit also manifests itself as a crisis of realization. That is, having produced a mass of commodities (and paid off the banker, taxes, and all of the other costs) the capitalists find it complicated to get people to pay the asking price of the goods and allow them [the capitalists] to complete the cycle of reproduction: M → C → M’ [Money→ Commodity→ More Money]. So long as the mass of the population live in poverty it remains impossible to avoid a crisis of realization. Unfortunately, high wages lead to reductions in the rate of exploitation of labor and increases in the costs of production, which generates lower profits. So, Capitalism comes to an important crossroads, it cannot take the road that leads to its collapse, so it turns toward the more reassuring (for it!!) path for the destruction of resources, which allows it to regenerate new value and restart the process of accumulation. This path is commonly called WAR.

Bourgeois Ethics

Bourgeois morals and principles suck very much, period! They claim a world of peace and harmony neglecting the mode of production, and so, the way society develops and builds itself. It looks like, bourgeois, especially petty bourgeois, aren’t aware of the incontrovertible fact that all the social wealth is created through exploitation, degradation, extortion, alienation, and annihilation. Set your heart at rest, no political, economical, moral correctness will ever change the status quo! The overcoming of Capitalism will!!

Life does not live […] Honest life is no longer possible, because we live in an inhuman society —Theodor W. Adorno. Isn’t that clear enough?

About Violence

Violence is a notion so ingrained and congenital to the bourgeois State, which is exercised in the forms of law, justice, and mores of the bourgeois mindset, being the culture of merit one of its most reactionary, and nastiest bulwarks. The society of merit is the society where the strong progresses and the weak succumbs. We have in mind a human cohabitation advanced, open and free where the individual can finally fulfill his/her aspirations accordingly.

Therefore, we definitely reject any form of violence, as we wish to build the Free Human Community. We believe—no ifs and no buts—that no violence will ever give birth to freedom, peace, and happiness for all Humankind.

The Free Human Community

The Free Human Community is the only motherland we are willing to acknowledge. It is the place where all human beings come into the light at last, and where they are free from money, market, commodities, politics, slavery, that is free from social power.

This does not mean that there will be no production of goods, but that the production of goods will not be subject to that peculiar relationship of dominion that characterizes our historic epoch. Capital exists as a social construction, endowed with enough arrogance to make it look like an absolute king in flesh, and yes, larger than life! Do people make history? Of course, who otherwise? Yes, they make history, but without any free will!!

So, you leaders of myths and ideologies. You are not expecting us to buy into all that Free Will stuff, are you? Keep this goody garbage for those unable to see this wretched reality. How can individuals make their choice so crushingly caught by such a tyrannical social power?

A world without money is possible, and no need for politics if there are no more social classes, and no need for market if the productive forces are released from the impositions of capitalist production, accumulation, and profit achievement.

Let’s be clear!

We consider the past and present so-called socialist/communist experiences inhumane practices, and have no respect for those criminal countries and their leaders. On the other hand, we deem those experiences as part of the Capitalist structure. We acknowledge those regimes as State Capitalism, in fact, based upon salaried labor exploited by the government itself with excruciating brutality. Who could be so intellectually poor to affirm that those societies are free from class division?


Yet, in the meantime, we are dramatically clung to this rock in the space-time, and need to make some money not to roll down into the hell of destitution. Miserable existential condition, oh, yeah…

Last but not least

We don’t have, nor do we propose, myths. So, don’t try to saddle us with images like Che Guevara, Mao, Stalin, and so on, because they are very far away from us. As for Marx, we think that he is one of the most misunderstood and manipulated thinkers in human history. Certainly, those brutal experiments of State Capitalism we have seen around, do not pay homage to his work and theories. But to lay the blame on Marx for those criminal regimes is like to blame Jesus for the Inquisition. If you read Marx himself instead of his detractors and much worse his followers, you would find that those experiences are completely unconnected with his thinking.

Anyway, no, we have no myths!! Economics is full of myths, being more like a religion than a scientific discipline!!

When all is said and done

Don’t take yourselves too seriously, release your mind, and keep it wide open. No use in being stubborn.

Unless one is wealthy there is no use in being a charming fellow. —Oscar Wilde, ah… ah… ah…