On the Other Hand

On the other hand, I have five fingers Which is way more than I need When it comes to counting The days I ‘m able To pay for groceries in a month With the money I make In times like these  

Big Announcement

Big announcement! This day April 1, 2018, Passover has finally become true! Capitalism has capitulated! After a lot of insistence, it gave in. Workers, unemployed, all the productive forces and the subjugated of this solitary planet, [so lonely, yeah, so lonely] have taken over! A big thank you to all the means of labor: tools, …

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Sam Maher. When Wonder Taps

Ladies & Gentlemen, from the Buskers YouTube Channel… Sam Maher Sam Maher is a musical genius. No need to waste words, just listen to wonder when it taps… By BUSKRS Youtube Channel Check Sam’s Facebook page here 

Social Power Paves the Way for The Age of Total Dominion

Social power means people control. When it becomes oppressive, it paves the way for the age of total dominion. Punkia is a blog about humor, amusing stuff and social insights. Punkia has great fun at pointing out topics that, although hilariously, get people thinking over politics, society, and the way individuals interact with one another. …

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