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When you've had enough of scams and scampishes


Humor&Bitchslap YEAH

In search of those who deserve a resounding bitchslap!


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Wonders will never cease!


The future inn

Relax with Bob's nut visions or just ask him to stop bitching!



Beware of this guy's advice. Utterly unreliable!!


Playful Space

All things amusing. Room for music, movies, comics & more

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Social Power Paves the Way for The Age of Total Dominion

Social power means people control. When it becomes oppressive it paves the way for the age of total dominion. Punkia is a blog about humor, amusing stuff and social insights.…

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No Victims, No Hangmen

No Victims and No Hangmen. Let’s get rid of Capitalism!!

Economics & Law

Economics & Law are but branches of Religion  

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Do you skivers know that this life is not for living? It is for fighting and for war. Please, stop bitching and speak when you are spoken to!

The YES Club

Are these kids alright? Because they sound to us like suffering from a rare disease we’d better investigate and find a cure asap. Don’t listen to them, don’t get fooled again!!

The Circle of WHO

Terrorism is the war of the poor, and war is the terrorism of the rich.

[OK, so what does it have to do with testimonials here? Nothing, but it sounds great, huh]

Sir Peter Ustinov

Don’t you folks know that you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave? So, why this blog? Go home and find a job!

Where Eagles Dare

We hope this site never reaches Google #1 page. It would be an unfair success for such a band of drifters.

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